Personal Insurance

Customized insurance programs for your custom life

Where you live, what you drive, what you do – they’re all part of what make you unique. Your personal insurance needs are unique too, and as your life changes, so do your risks.

Whether you’re a newly licensed driver, a family with children in school, or an empty-nester enjoying retirement, our experts have the knowledge and flexibility to customize a plan that addresses your individual risks – and then make sure it evolves with you.

Our consultative approach and relationships with a broad range of reputable insurance companies gives you a one-stop resource for homeowners insurance, auto insurance, life insurance and more.

The result: coverage that’s right for you. And no buyer’s remorse. Let one of our experts customize a plan for you – request a quote/consultation today.

    Coverage for your own car, truck, or motorcycle.

    Coverage for personal watercraft.

    Coverage for your belongings and property not covered by your condo association.

    Coverage for loss of income in case of a disabling injury or accident.

    Coverage for loss or damage to real or personal property from flood.

    Coverage for your home, personal property and personal liability.

    Coverage for loss and medical care while traveling.

    Financial protection for your beneficiaries in the event of your death.

    Financial protection for you and your beneficiaries.

      Helps provide for the cost of long-term care beyond a predetermined period that is not covered by health insurance. Can include nursing home, assisted living facility, adult day care, or in home assistance, depending on the policy.

      Accident, illness and wellness coverage for your four-legged family member.

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      Coverage for your camper, jet ski, snowmobile, or other recreational vehicle that does not require a registration.

      Coverage for your belongings.

      Designed for city dwellers relatively new to the insurance market, this package covers biking/walking, driving, renting and freelancing.

      Coverage in case of trip cancellation, lost baggage, etc. Sign Up Here

      Non-business liability protection for individuals.

      Additional coverage for valuable property such as jewelry, fine art, collectibles.

      Special event insurance protection for the financial investment in your wedding.

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      Coverage in case a maid, nanny, groundskeeper or other domestic employee gets hurt on the job.